Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Not Quitting if You Never Give

I am starting again on this blog.

After I ran my marathon and all that running the beginning of 2012 I battled with depression again.
I think I was controlling it a lot with running and when I stopped it came rushing back in.
I gained the 30lbs I lost during the fall or that year as I struggled and fed my emotions.
I went up and down about 10lbs once I got back on medication and then in January I found out I was pregnant.

To make a long story short, I just didn't watch my food at all and ended up gaining a total of about 60lbs.

My water broke at 38 weeks, one week to the day that I was scheduled for my c-section and I had a beautiful baby boy that was 8lb 15oz
Aug 27th, 2013

About three weeks after I had him I joined WW and started at

Time to change...
Clearly the big belly and c-section cause a large overhang of skin.
This does go down with weight loss and the return of some ab work.

Here is a picture I took the week after I started on a date night.
I hate this photo for a million reasons, but its a good before.
The way I don't want to stay looking.

This was before my first workout postpartum.

And these show what exactly that large tummy does to your body after a c-section!

These are my official 


I also was able to start running again yesterday....

Here we go....