Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Happy Birthday monthly update:)

Today I was 168.4! 
Woop woop!!

-6.2 since last month!!
 (it was those monster runs I am convinced!!)

Boy it's hard now tapering and it being my birthday week! ha ha...but that week is ending today so its all good, until we go on vacation...ha ha.

My measurements today are....

Hips: 42
Waist; 35
R Thigh: 24
R Bicep: 13
Chest: 37
-3.5" since March

Here are today's pics.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh in 4/19/2012 I LOST ALL MY BABY WEIGHT!!

Whoa this new Blogger layout is weird! Oh well, I will get used to it.
So, yesterday I weighed at 169.8!!!! 

{Today I am 170.1, but I know weight fluctuates so I am claiming yesterday's weight!!}

I was THRILLED all day. I had to go look at old pictures to see where I was in life the last time I weighed this much. It was right after we were married! Obviously, because I got pregnant about 4 months after we were married. ha. 
I looked at my old weight loss blog in order to check that. I remember I was around 170 when I started that weight loss blog and took before photos and all, so that is convenient. 

 I am not going to cross it off my goals until it's solidly in the 160's but I was too excited not to claim it today.

I have officially lost ALL MY BABY WEIGHT!!! Yeah yeah yeah! HIGH KICKS!!

I had lost all but 3-4 lbs before when I had done Weight Watchers and before I moved to Colorado and started dealing with depression and gained it all back. I was SOOO close last time, so this is just HUGE to me!

Now, I would LOVE to be 165 by my marathon, but I am not sure about that. I am taking a day off my training today, which I have NEVER done...but I can't seem to kick my sickness and my run on Tuesday was super hard for me. So with this drop in training and how I am supposed to be adding more carbs to my diet and totally resting my body, I am not sure that it's going to happen?
We shall see. My birthday is in 10 days and I wanted to be under 170 by then, so if I don't gain I will have met that goal! Woo hoo!! My birthday happens to also be my 5th month progress update:)

So I still want to get to 140 as my ultimate goal weight and I would love to be that by when we go on our end of summer vacation to Sedona , AZ which is at the end of August. I have decided after I get back from the marathon/California vacation I am going to start other challenges that I am going to video weekly progress on. I think that has really helped me. So I will look into that.

I am soooo nervous about my marathon now. I feel like somehow my mind let down after my 20 miles, like I was done...but I'm NOT! Depending on how I feel I might skip my 12 miles this weekend, but on the other hand I feel like I really want to run it in order to get my confidence back and that I CAN do this.

Will let you know how it goes!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Update: 4/12/2012

Well, I just weighed and the result was....


Being under 170 is so close I can taste it.
I was not sure I would see a loss this week with Easter being last weekend. I allowed myself a few treats, for sure.

But the last 2 weeks I have added a few more calorie burning into my non-running days (including cleaning more than I normally would, ha ha) and I was hoping that would pay off!

I think I will try and stay as "strict" as possible this weekend after my 20 miles in order to see that 169 on the scale. That would mean losing 2lbs in this next week, but that seems totally doable!!

My life the last few months

Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh there you are....

So, I am claiming it this morning...
that scale said 172.6....
name it and claim it. ha ha
I hope it's not a weird fluke that read lower than what it is, but after my disappointment yesterday I had to claim it on the blog here today. HA

The BAsics Behind Weight Loss

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Update: 4/05/2012

Today when I weighed this morning I was 175.1 or something over 175, I forget the exact.

Frustrating for sure, but when I weighed after running I was about 173.6...that's better. At least I know its a lot of the water weight. I still am not going to count any weight loss tho, until it's official and not running loss.

I feel nervous about the weight loss for some reason. I think because I am hungry and I want some treats and I am not tracking. I am trying to be aware still about it, not just eating mindlessly, but still feel weird about it.
starts in the mind
I am trying to really focus on hitting my next big goal, which I decided is 10 lbs. I decided to make sure I am drinking all my water, or at least 64 oz a day. I also decided to try to do things that will help me accumulate more calorie defecit every day and actually DO my cross training days that are on my marathon scheduling, which I haven't. 

On Monday I did reps of lunges, squats, planks, burpees, etc and I STILL hurt from that. I decided maybe I won't work my legs so hard with all the running. Instead I will work on my arms and core and then do a few jumping jacks and stand more than I usually do, just to add a few more kick ups to the loss.

I believe that is why not seeing an obvious loss this week is annoying, I mean adding all that in and for goodness sake I ran 23 miles over the weekend alone, plus 9 on Tuesday...blah. Maybe I will have a loss tomorrow. 
So true.
Anyways, I need to track, I know that will help and I am not sure why I am rebelling against it.

My marathon is one month away tomorrow, I can't believe it. I feel awesome about it right now and I am excited, about it and about vacation!!

Until next week....