Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3rd Monthly Update: 20 lbs Lost!!

Well all, I am very excited to tell you that I have officially lost 
20 lbs!

Actually 20.5 as of this morning 

and I will take that half a pound!

So here are my stats as of today…

179.5 lbs
Waist: 36
R Thigh: 25.5
R Bicep: 13
Chest: 39
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Random JanFeb2012 010
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My favorite thing at this point is my stomach seems much flatter.

Here is the reality of it 3 months ago:
Christmas2011 027
{granted I was sitting here}
and now.
I have to credit that to the running.
I have to say that it’s not like my clothes are loose on me or anything, which is a bit disappointing. I guess they do fit A LOT better, so that is something to be excited about.

This is the end of the 12th week for me and my family, if no one else, is starting to notice the change in me…especially my face.

I would really like to be another 10lbs down by  my birthday with is 2 months from today which would put me at 169 and that would officially get me lower than when I got pregnant with my son which would be HUGE!

Even though I am not being as regimented as when I started I am starting to be aware. Choose the best option when going out, being mindful and all that. I believe that has slowed the process down but its more realistic for me.

How about you guys?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marathon Training Update Week 8

So, this is usually my weigh in day...but lo and behold my scale actually STOPPED working!
I suppose I am not supposed to know this week.
Anyway, my monthly progress report is next Wednesday so maybe I will just update it all then.

In the meantime, this is my marathon training update.

PS this frozen face is my favorite!!

Here is the link to my 12 Mile Run story....
The other video I will have to put up later:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Update: 2/16/2012

Morning all.

Today I am up

So this week I am back up the half a pound I supposedly lost last week.

It was Valentines Day on Tuesday and my husband and I did go out and I had some 
creme brulee!
 It was very yummy!

I have to say that although I am not going "over board" I am also not tracking or eating the way I have been or am supposed to be doing.(As in not getting in my veggies the way I should, etc)
 I feel like I have lost a bit of my drive, so trying to find it again. 
Need to get back to really staying on plan and writing everything down.

I think being sick has made a big difference in draining my energy and all. 
I am really getting tired of the cold days and winter in general. I realize we are only half way through February but I am looking forward to spring.

Here is to a new week!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Update: 2/9/2012

This morning I am 183

so -.5 this week.

I am totally fine with that because as I weighed myself this week I was always up 2 or 3 pounds, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that this morning.

Sometimes I wonder if the eating plan I am on is working or worth it. I guess because I am not losing as fast as I would like. But I am losing every week even if its only half a pound a week. It's something. That is better then plateauing or gaining! So I will stick to it for now.

I am trying to just be more aware of how much I am eating even if I don't stick to it exactly. For instance, we really are out of ALL our veggies right now, so its hard for me to get my 4 servings in, so I try to not to compensate by eating more starches because I am hungry.
{We should hopefully restock tonight?!}

Also we bought a JUICER last night! I am so excited to try it. I am sure veggie juice will not be so yummy, but there is something about getting the nutrients without having to chew some of those leafy greens that is appealing to me. So if I come up with some great juicing recipes I will surely share!

How are you guys doing?


Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Update: 2/3/2012

Hello All!

Still plugging along here.

I was just complaining to my friend last night about my SLOW weight loss, 
when what do you know but I was down to 
this morning! 
Say what?

So I lost 2.5 this week!


No doubt running 26 miles Saturday through Thursday had something to do with it.

{I am actually just realizing I should have done this yesterday, that is how thrown off I was from switching my long run!!}

Thank goodness, it is encouraging to see that if you just keep your head down and take your 1/2 a lb a week, they at least will add up eventually. I am looking forward to reaching that 20 lb lost mark and being back in the 170's.

I do feel MUCH better in my clothes and eating seems way more under control.

I keep remembering this quote...
Pinned Image

I believe I am at week 9, so 3 more weeks and hopefully the world will notice, ha ha.