Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Month Update

Things are going well. Currently as I write this I am 10 weeks postpartum and have lost a little bit more, but I had forgotten to update this blog.

The last time I weighed in, last Saturday, I was 212 even and yesterday morning when I weighed it said

Slowly but surely coming off. It has been steady though, which I am super happy about.
 You can clearly see a difference in my tummy.
Lucklily my uterus has gone back down to its original size. 
It was so weird getting regular jeans after I had him. Nothing fit right at all because of that weird pooch in the middle there.

I knew I had to start again soon because I had to buy a size 18 jeans!
I am still wearing them because I am not going to buy any others until I can get back into my own jeans.

I was 200 lbs when I started WW after my first pregnancy and I am pretty sure I was between 190-200 when I got pregnant.

So, I have 10-20 lbs till I can get back in those jeans, even then they may be a little tight, but that is the goal.

I was running and trying to train again, but my husband doesn't get home until after the sun sets now with the time change and he doesn't think it will be safe to run in the dark. I did about 4.5 miles on Saturday, but so far this week I haven't worked out yet. I need to start some videos, but I am doing well on my eating...even with all the Halloween candy in the house. So we shall see....

Here is to be under 200 again. Only 11 or so more pounds, woop!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Not Quitting if You Never Give

I am starting again on this blog.

After I ran my marathon and all that running the beginning of 2012 I battled with depression again.
I think I was controlling it a lot with running and when I stopped it came rushing back in.
I gained the 30lbs I lost during the fall or that year as I struggled and fed my emotions.
I went up and down about 10lbs once I got back on medication and then in January I found out I was pregnant.

To make a long story short, I just didn't watch my food at all and ended up gaining a total of about 60lbs.

My water broke at 38 weeks, one week to the day that I was scheduled for my c-section and I had a beautiful baby boy that was 8lb 15oz
Aug 27th, 2013

About three weeks after I had him I joined WW and started at

Time to change...
Clearly the big belly and c-section cause a large overhang of skin.
This does go down with weight loss and the return of some ab work.

Here is a picture I took the week after I started on a date night.
I hate this photo for a million reasons, but its a good before.
The way I don't want to stay looking.

This was before my first workout postpartum.

And these show what exactly that large tummy does to your body after a c-section!

These are my official 


I also was able to start running again yesterday....

Here we go....