Sunday, January 29, 2012

Month 2- Monthly Update





6.5 more lbs lost
3 inches lost this month

What can I say about this month?
Well in two days I will have finished my first month doing the concepts of Pure Weight Loss and also finishing my first month of marathon training!

I am more excited about finishing my first month of training. 
I am going to see how this month goes with the Pure Weight Loss thing and if I don't feel like its working for me any differently I might go back to just counting calories?

We shall see? I know for sure I want to try and keep my fruit and veggie intake HIGH and this is a diet that guarantees that. Also Daniel and I are going to try and get a juicer when we get our tax return money and really try to get our fruits and veggies in that way.

It's so easy to know how bad fast food is for you, but so easy to stop and get it. Especially when you are really hungry and don't have anything planned. That happened to us today, we almost got two different places on our way home but we didn't.

I am sure there will be times when we will, I think I just have to keep in mind that it is the "on occasion" and not 4 times a week like we had been.


I have come across some good blogs recently and I am looking forward to reading and learning from them. One talks a lot about Intuitive Eating and the little I have read on it, it sounds really good. I will do a post about my thoughts on that soon.

2 months down...many more to go!


  1. Good work missy! I can definitely see a difference!! :)

  2. GIRLFRIEND!!! Look at those awesome abs!! You rock!! I am very proud of you.