Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little update

Well all...I have lost 9 lbs!
 Wooo hooo!

 If I can magically lose 1 lb by tomorrow I will have lost 10 in a month which is encouraging to say the least.

Now, I know when you start out at a bigger weight the first bit comes off more easily, and lots of it is water weight, but I also don't want to minimize completely the fact that those 9 lbs are gone!

The further away from 200 I get, the better, right?

Also I did win the ebay auction and got all the plans that I was wanting! I am still so excited about this and it should help a lot. I am waiting till we get paid again to do a big shop to get all the items I will need so will start on that on Monday, hopefully! It worked for me last time, so I think that give me confidence in it as well.

Tomorrow is the one month mark and I will take my measurements and photos to update:)
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  1. GIRL!! Don't you dare not give yourself credit for those 9lbs!! That is awesome and I am very proud of you!! I am kinda looking at this week as my last to indulge I guess. Not really, but I am going to be more careful starting next week. I'm scared, but excited. Again...YOU ARE AWESOME!!