Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3rd Monthly Update: 20 lbs Lost!!

Well all, I am very excited to tell you that I have officially lost 
20 lbs!

Actually 20.5 as of this morning 

and I will take that half a pound!

So here are my stats as of today…

179.5 lbs
Waist: 36
R Thigh: 25.5
R Bicep: 13
Chest: 39
Random JanFeb2012 012 

Random JanFeb2012 016

Random JanFeb2012 015weightloss take infinity 003 


weightloss take infinity 008Random JanFeb2012 009

weightloss take infinity 007
Random JanFeb2012 010
weightloss take infinity 005
Random JanFeb2012 014

My favorite thing at this point is my stomach seems much flatter.

Here is the reality of it 3 months ago:
Christmas2011 027
{granted I was sitting here}
and now.
I have to credit that to the running.
I have to say that it’s not like my clothes are loose on me or anything, which is a bit disappointing. I guess they do fit A LOT better, so that is something to be excited about.

This is the end of the 12th week for me and my family, if no one else, is starting to notice the change in me…especially my face.

I would really like to be another 10lbs down by  my birthday with is 2 months from today which would put me at 169 and that would officially get me lower than when I got pregnant with my son which would be HUGE!

Even though I am not being as regimented as when I started I am starting to be aware. Choose the best option when going out, being mindful and all that. I believe that has slowed the process down but its more realistic for me.

How about you guys?


  1. I am SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLIE!! You are rocking this journey, and you are seeing awesome results!! You look great!

  2. 20 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment!!! Keep up the good work lady!!! :)