Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Update: 2/3/2012

Hello All!

Still plugging along here.

I was just complaining to my friend last night about my SLOW weight loss, 
when what do you know but I was down to 
this morning! 
Say what?

So I lost 2.5 this week!


No doubt running 26 miles Saturday through Thursday had something to do with it.

{I am actually just realizing I should have done this yesterday, that is how thrown off I was from switching my long run!!}

Thank goodness, it is encouraging to see that if you just keep your head down and take your 1/2 a lb a week, they at least will add up eventually. I am looking forward to reaching that 20 lb lost mark and being back in the 170's.

I do feel MUCH better in my clothes and eating seems way more under control.

I keep remembering this quote...
Pinned Image

I believe I am at week 9, so 3 more weeks and hopefully the world will notice, ha ha.

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  1. That's amazing, you're doing so great! I fell off the wagon on my goals, but I'm picking back up tonight at the gym. You're an inspiration! :)