Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back from vacation with a gain/30 Day Challenge

So I got back from vacation on Saturday...
Let me just be honest and say that I ate like I was on vacation.
I didn't necessarily feel like I over ate, but I did have lots of treats that I normally wouldn't have had.
I exercised about 4 times, including the marathon in the 2 weeks.
The first time I weighed when I got back I was just preparing myself for the worst. Like a 10 lb gain.
When I first stepped on the scale it wasn't as bad as I had prepared for, but it still wasn't good..5 lbs.
However I started drinking lots of water and got back to my eating habits and this morning was back to 170.
I actually stepped on the scale twice because I needed to be sure it wasn't a fluke... luckily it wasn't.
So...I gained 2lbs, that is much better and workable!

I found myself really worrying about it, I think because everything in our life seemed to change while I was on vacation. The biggest being that my husband got promoted (which is really great) except that he commutes an hr and a half now which leaves little time by the time he gets home to eat dinner, get my son to bed, and hope to go work out. That and I have just been really tired since being back as well. 

I really want to keep running, but again, it's finding the time.

BUT, I have to do something. So I am trying to figure out what might work for this next while, a challenge of sorts.

So I am starting a 30 day challenge.

I am starting it today rather than June 1st for 2 reasons. One, I will use the rest of May to be too lenient with myself and two because my parents are coming at the end of June so I want to be at least kinda finished up by then.

I am going to go through these prompts here just to get my mind in the right place as well.

6. My binging
Do I binge now? No. Did I binge before? Not for any purpose in particular. I recall after one break up, I got all depressed and bought $25 of chocolate from Wal-Mart (which, trust me, is a lot). I spent three days in my bedroom eating chocolate and watching FRIENDS. I felt disgusting afterwards, but I was human again, so all was good.
I’ve had my dog + two grandparents pass away in the past two years, as well as two break ups that managed to tear my heart open and inside out. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for sure. I started emotionally eating my feelings away. Break up? Ice cream. Grieving? People will just hand you a casserole. I would eat to think about something else, and my family’s pantry was never short of junk food. In order to at least make some attempt to avoid the junk, I went vegetarian for a year. However, my mom would only ever really give me pasta with cheesy sauce. Not a good combination for a daily meal every single day (sorry if that’s a little redundant - it’s okay to have pasta once in a while… but I just wanted to stress how often I had it xD).
I also quit volleyball in grade eleven and got a video gaming addiction. So now, my daily physical activity was at a minimum and all I did was eat junk and play on my computer all day. I became more depressed as my once 90%+ marks started to steadily slip into the 60’s and 70’s. I would wake up at 5am, play my game, go to school, come home, play until my parents were forced to turn off the internet. And every chance I got, I was in the pantry, stocking up on food so I wouldn’t have to come up so often. I would finish a whole bag of chips in a half hour as I played. Then I’d go up for soda. I was binging, but I wasn’t even focused on the food.
I don’t recommend it.
Anyways, I’ve cut myself off from anything that includes a lot of butter and sugar, so I will be forced to stay away from my favorite food of all - dessert and ice cream. I’m going to buy me some froyo though, so I don’t get jealous of my family and have a binge fest of ice cream the next day if I give up.
Ice cream, cakes and chocolate are my weaknesses. What are yours?

I made a 30 day work out plan and I will do a video every week as well just to keep me accountable!!

I am going to wait to do this Day 1 until the 29th when I do my updates.

On to the next goal....

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