Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh in 4/19/2012 I LOST ALL MY BABY WEIGHT!!

Whoa this new Blogger layout is weird! Oh well, I will get used to it.
So, yesterday I weighed at 169.8!!!! 

{Today I am 170.1, but I know weight fluctuates so I am claiming yesterday's weight!!}

I was THRILLED all day. I had to go look at old pictures to see where I was in life the last time I weighed this much. It was right after we were married! Obviously, because I got pregnant about 4 months after we were married. ha. 
I looked at my old weight loss blog in order to check that. I remember I was around 170 when I started that weight loss blog and took before photos and all, so that is convenient. 

 I am not going to cross it off my goals until it's solidly in the 160's but I was too excited not to claim it today.

I have officially lost ALL MY BABY WEIGHT!!! Yeah yeah yeah! HIGH KICKS!!

I had lost all but 3-4 lbs before when I had done Weight Watchers and before I moved to Colorado and started dealing with depression and gained it all back. I was SOOO close last time, so this is just HUGE to me!

Now, I would LOVE to be 165 by my marathon, but I am not sure about that. I am taking a day off my training today, which I have NEVER done...but I can't seem to kick my sickness and my run on Tuesday was super hard for me. So with this drop in training and how I am supposed to be adding more carbs to my diet and totally resting my body, I am not sure that it's going to happen?
We shall see. My birthday is in 10 days and I wanted to be under 170 by then, so if I don't gain I will have met that goal! Woo hoo!! My birthday happens to also be my 5th month progress update:)

So I still want to get to 140 as my ultimate goal weight and I would love to be that by when we go on our end of summer vacation to Sedona , AZ which is at the end of August. I have decided after I get back from the marathon/California vacation I am going to start other challenges that I am going to video weekly progress on. I think that has really helped me. So I will look into that.

I am soooo nervous about my marathon now. I feel like somehow my mind let down after my 20 miles, like I was done...but I'm NOT! Depending on how I feel I might skip my 12 miles this weekend, but on the other hand I feel like I really want to run it in order to get my confidence back and that I CAN do this.

Will let you know how it goes!!!

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