Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Victories

Yesterday was a "kick butt" day for me! {In a good way}

My sister-in-law was sick so I went over to their place to help with her kiddos.
I did an unbelievable feat, that was I decided to take the all the kids for a walk. Her two and my son. 
Their ages? 3, 2, and 1. WHEW!

I walked with them for over a mile, the 2 older ones in the wagon and the little girl (the LIGHTEST) I carried nearly the whole way. Let's just say my arms hurt major today, I couldn't remember why at first...ohhhh yea!

I was wiped for the rest of the day and my husband got off early and came and got us in the afternoon. I got another surge of motivation and energy so decided to go to 2 of the workout classes our apartments offer. So I went to my first step class in a long while, and went to my usual Pilates class. It was hard to wake up this morning no doubt.

I am coming on my one month of trying to lose this awful weight. Well, it's weight I used as comfort through food but I am just ready for it to go. 
I just keep this in mind:
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This morning I weighed and measured. I just feel smaller, so I really wanted to.

So far I have lost 6lbs and 4.5 or so inches, yeah!! 
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Once I lose a little bit more I will give you all the gory details and not feel so horrible about myself, even if it is the truth. And the monthly progression pictures will happen this coming Tuesday.

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  1. way to go girl! You are doing awesome! Be so proud! :)